Friday, March 19, 2010

Rollbots Breakdown

This clip is from Rollbots Season I. It was animated in Maya, and rendered with 3Delight, a Renderman compliant renderer.
In my role as T.D. and Visual Effects Supervisor, I had to ensure that the visual quality of the project stayed consistent with the vision of the director and make sure that the final shots got delivered on time. My tasks included:
  • Created custom automation tools for the Lighting/Rendering/Compositing dept. (written in MEL and Python) that would help speed up the production output. Those consisted of Maya & Renderman interfaces, render submission tools, and composite-tree presets pre-generated at render time.
  • Script VFX tools to help with the special effects of the show. Those included lightning, explosion and smoke generators
  • Build custom light rigs for the sets and characters, allowing maximum control over the look and feel of the episodes. The light rigs had automated presets to match the location's art direction. A custom lighting script (eaLightMan) allowed easy and interactive manipulation of all the lights in the scene. It also created light arrays, giving soft/hard light setups depending on situation.
  • Created complex Maya shaders, as well as the design of Renderman shaders.
  • Automated submission process of finished scenes to the render farm, and created a wrapper that controlled the render farm's queue manager (Qube!).
  • Oversaw a team of over a dozen LRC artists on a daily basis